2019 Kidz Biz Playhouse and Cafe 

Level 1 /11 Clyde Street, Batemans Bay - Phone 02 4472 9600

Zippity Doo Playhouse and Cafe - Menu

Main Meals


Ham Salad Wrap                         $12

w/ salad and mayo


Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap        $12

w/ lettuce, cheese and mayo


Beer Battered Flathead Wrap    $12

w/ lettuce, cheese, tartare sauce


Beer Battered Flathead              $13.50

w/ side salad, lemon and tartare sauce


Chicken Schnitzel (gf)                $13.50

w/ side salad

Chicken ABC  (gf)                       $16

w/ side salad

Chicken Parmigiana                   $16

w/ side salad

Something Light


Fresh Salad Bowl (v)             $8.50

w/ lettuce, carrot, cucumber, capsicum,

spanish onion, olives and feta cheese


Wedges (v)                             $8.50

w/ sweet chilli and sour cream


Cheesy Nachos (v)                 $8.50

w/ salsa and sour cream


Hot Dog with cheese              $4.50

Cup of Chips (gf) (v)               $3.50

Chips and Gravy  (gf)             $5.50

Raisin Toast (2slices)            $4

Fairy Bread (2 slices)             $3.50

Banana Bread (v)                    $4

Sandwiches                            $3.50

(cheese, vegemite or jam)

Hot Drinks

Cup (C)  Mug (M) 

Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White: 

$4         M $5

Short Black, Long Black:


Chai Latte, Mocha: 

$4.50    M $5.50

Hot Chocolate:

$4        M $5

Pot of tea $4

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green

Tea, Mint Tea & Chamomile

Baby Chino        $1

Takeaway Cup   .50c

Soy or Decaf      .50c

Kids Meals $7


Nuggets and Chips  (gf)                    

Fish Fingers and Chips                                

Mini Hotdog and Chips                           

Cheesy Nachos  (v)                                                           

(all kids meals come with a juice box)

Value Packs 


Plate of Chips  (gf) (v)            $9

16 Cocktail Frankfurts (gf)    $15

12 Party Pies                          $15

12 Sausage Rolls                   $15

Toasted Sandwiches (gf)


Avocado and Cheese            $6.50

Ham and Cheese                    $6.50

Ham, Cheese and Tomato     $7.00



Banana Split                           $9.50

Ice Cream and Topping         $3.50



Tomato or BBQ Sauce           .50c

Gravy or Sour Cream             $1

Zippity Doo Members will receive a

discount on these menu prices.

Cold Drinks


Iced Coffee                             $6.50

Iced Chocolate                       $6.

Milkshake                               $4.50

Thickshake                             $6.50

Kids Shake                             $3.00

(Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel,

Vanilla, Banana or Lime)

Banana Mango Smoothie      $7.00

Banana Berry Smoothie        $7.00

Soy Milkshakes                      $6.00

Spider                                      $6.00

(Coke, Lemonade, Creaming Soda, Solo)

Jugs of Cordial                       $3.00