2019 Kidz Biz Playhouse and Cafe 

Level 1 /11 Clyde Street, Batemans Bay - Phone 02 4472 9600

Membership Benefits

Unlimited FREE entry to Zippity Doo                 

Discount prices for instructed classes

Discount on menu items                                           

Added value offers for party packages

Discounted entry on all events                      

10% off venue hire

Zippity Doo Family Membership

  • By Subscribing to our Zippity Doo membership program, you are agreeing that Zippity Doo will automatically charge the monthly subscription rate to the payment method you have provided, on a monthly basis.  This reoccurring  payment will continue to exist until the subscriber or Zippity Doo notify pay pal otherwise.

    With this subscription Zippity Doo offers unlimited visits and unlimited play time within standard business hours subject to availability and centre capacity. Zippity Doo is insured for a maximum amount of children playing in our centre at any given time and if our numbers are at full capacity Zippity Doo reserves the right to refusal of entry, until the numbers have decreased. This membership does not give free access to Zippity Doo’s special events, instructed classes, Disco nights or child minding services. However these services may be subject to a discount for members at Zippity Doo’s discretion.

    Zippity Doo reserves the right to deny members access or ask members to leave if they do not comply with Zippity Doo’s WHS regulations.  This includes but is not limited to wearing socks at all times, whilst in the play area, whether you are playing or supervising and bringing food from or drinks that have not been purchased from Zippity Doo inside the premises. These are both important regulations and need to be complied with at all times, unless agreed otherwise.  

    Zippity Doo’s promotions and offers are subject to change and Zippity Doo reserves to right to change these offers and promotion without notification to subscribers.

    If you choose to cancel your subscription payment, your membership benefit’s will also be cancelled, effective imminently from the date of cancelation. If your payment method is declined or invalid, your membership will be put on hold until a successful payment has been made.

    The terms and conditions of membership are subject to change in accordance with the law and/or if Zippity Doo finds it necessary in the general course of running the business.