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The Best Birthday Ever

March 25, 2017

So not too long ago my biggest baby Harley turned 5. I never knew a ‘simple’ party could be so stressful! Right from the word go, this birthday party was going to be simple.

  • Favourite park

  • Sausages on the BBQ

  • Cake

Simple and stress free, right WRONG!


The Cake

So I asked my son what kind of cake he would like? And over the next few weeks it went something like this;

  • Transformers

  • Angry Birds

  • Star wars

  • Transformers

  • Pirates

  • Batman

  • Star Wars

  • Angry Birds


Following his decision to have an Angry Birds cake, he then decided we needed an angry birds costume.


This was followed by a 2 hour trip to our local Kmart, where the costume turned into $150 worth of party decorations, party games and a pirate costume!

WAIT.... Did I say pirate?


Yep that's right while in Kmart the 'party theme' (because we were having a theme) change another 4 times before I made the executive decision,that pirate accessories where far more common and a cheaper option!


Sausages on the BBQ

Apparently a few snags doesn't count as a BBQ in our days.


'A sanga sandwich, just isn’t a sanga sandwich without, onion,

bacon and mushrooms' claimed the father of the birthday boy.'


You also need some snacks for while the BBQ is cooking, cooking

a BBQ is hungry work.' He continued 'we better have a few healthy

options, just in case people are dieting.'

Mind you when he said 'we' he really just meant me!!

So now my shopping list had grown from sausages and bread to;

  • Sausages

  • Bread

  • Sauce

  • Mushrooms

  • Onions

  • Bacon

  • Salads

  • Cheese

  • Dip

  • Crackers

  • Salami

  • Fruit

  • Chips

So not only did my $50 worth of sausages turn into $200 of shopping

but also hours of preparation and a very tired mummy.


The Favourite Park

So my son chose our local Botanical Gardens and I thought it sounded like a great idea, so after some advice from a friend, that its a local hotspot for parties, we sent out invitations for 10am, to ensure we had a BBQ.

Mean while id personally never been there before. So the day before the party my son and I race out to see;

  • Where it's located?

  • Is there toilets/water close by?

  • Do the BBQ cost money?

So I pull up in the car park and I can't see any playground? The first thing I do is start brain storming. Brain storming how to cart in all the supplies, without doing 20 trips back and forth from the car park! So we find the play ground and Harley is so excited, 'I can't wait to find the treasure!' he says Treasure!! What??


Yep apparently EVERY pirate party has a treasure hunt and since dad agreed it seems I was out numbered! AGAIN.. I wonder whose organising this treasure hunt??


The night before;


I'm in the car on my way home from work. My brain is working over time, trying to plan and priorities the birthday preparations. Its 8:30 so at least the kids will be asleep, right? Wrong again. On arrival home and am met by fully charged children, bouncing off the walls.

Fast forward a few hours

Kids in bed - DONE

Presents wrapped - DONE

Pass the parcel - DONE

Treasure chest cake topper - DONE

Dad asleep on the couch - DONE

Fast forward a few more hours

Treasure hunt clues done - DONE

Piñata filled - DONE

Pirate ship fruit platter - DONE

Everything packed ready to take - DONE

A list of things still need to make - DONE

A list of things needed from the shop - DONE

So I finally crawl into bed around 1:30am just to set an alarm for 6am.



Awaken to alarm

Have a shower - DONE

Make veggie sticks - DONE

Cheese and salami platter - DONE



Dad and kids wake - DONE

Harley opens birthday presents - DONE

Forgot to take photos - DONE

Feed kids - DONE

Find dad next door at a garage sale - DONE

Pack everything in the car - DONE

Run back inside for sun screen - DONE

Race to the shops - DONE

Pick up cake - DONE

Drive to location - DONE

Over load the pram, so I can hardly push it - DONE

Hide treasure hunt clues - DONE

Setup table - DONE

Hang decoration - DONE



Guests arrive - DONE

Kids play games - DONE

Dad cooks BBQ - DONE

Clean up - DONE

Arrive home and clean more.


Harley 'This was the best birthday ever!!'


Dad 'It was pretty good, all parties should be that simple!'


Me 'The best party ever should involve sending out invitations and showing up on the day!

That's what I call 'stress free and simple'


Do you want to give your child an awesome birthday party without the stress and without cleaning up a massive mess? At Zippity Doo we host fun, colourful and affordable children's parties! To find out more about our party packages, head over to the party page!







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The Best Birthday Ever

March 25, 2017

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